Training archery class for all bow types. 9-70 meters. 90 minutes. Training classes are focused classes for archers who are looking to improve beyond basic skills. Each archer will create a goal plan with their coach. Instruction will be student goal led and different for every archer. Focus of classes will include cementing the mental software of shooting, learning NTS, and preparing for competition. Archers in the class are strongly encouraged to shoot at least one

Spring 2023 Training Program

90-minute Classes on:

Sundays 3:L30 – 5:00pm with Brandon, Level 2 NTS Coach Trainer


Student Requirements: 

  • You must be shooting Barebow, Olympic Recurve or Compound.  Use of your own equipment is recommended, but not required.
  • Must be 12 years or older.
  • You must shoot a minimum qualifying score (MQS). For archers age 12-17, you must shoot a minimum score of 140 at 18 meters with a 60cm face.  For archers 18 years and older, you must shoot a minimum score of 150 at 18 meters with a 40cm face for barebow and trad, 210 at 18 meters with a 40cm face for Olympic recurve.   You can shoot a 30-arrow “indoor”round at the range, using a CTA Score Card.  Please have a Manager or Coach sign your score card. Or you can provide a score card from Texas State Indoor (March 4-5) or Indoor Nationals (February 24-26).
  • You must be willing to keep a training journal outside of class and bring it with you weekly.
  • You must be practicing outside of class.  CTA Membership is recommended, so you can utilize your FREE weekly open range visit.


Training Class will be sold in 4-class bundles. $125 for the General Public. $90 for our Members.

This does not include tournament entry fee or travel expenses to tournaments.