Winter League Information

Eligible Archers: Beginners – Experienced, All Bow Types
League Day and Time Info:
League will run for 16 weeks. 7 weeks before Christmas and 9 weeks after the New Year.
League Time will be on Sundays from 3-5 PM
Archers can participate on league days or virtually or a combo of the two.
November 8 (SYWAT)
November 14 (SYWAT)
November 21 (SYWAT)
November 29 (yes we will be open the weekend after Thanksgiving) (SYWAT)
December 6 (SYWAT)
December 13 (SYWAT)
December 20 (SYWAT)
January 10 (30 meters)
January 17 (30 meters)
January 24 (30 meters)
January 31 (30 meters)
February 7 (30 meters)
February 14 (SYWAT)
February 21 (SYWAT)
February 28 (30 meters)
March 7 (Combo Day – Score 1/2 SYWAT and 1/2 30 meters)
Virtual League: League weeks will begin on Sunday and run through Saturday. If you cannot make league during league time, you can still participate by scoring a league sheet during your open range shooting time and leaving your score card in the barn. (Yes, this is an honor system. Everyone is in league to have fun and the goal is to improve your own shooting as the league goes on. No need to cheat.)
Target Format: We will be using 2 target sizes and bale distances for this league. The type of target face used for each week is shown by the date listed above. Read below for details about each type.
SYWAT: Shoot Your Way Across Texas – This is a tournament series that several of our archers participate in and so we are using league as a way for them to practice. The indoor SYWAT format is the NFAA standard “300 Round,” shot at 20 yards. Archers shoot 12 ends of 5 arrows each for a total of 60 arrows. Targets are rotated between top and bottom after the 6th end. Targets are the NFAA 5 spot 40 cm. Scoring on the 40 cm target is 5-4-3-2-1. Xs score 5, but are counted as a tiebreaker.

30 meters: This is not a tournament distance but is a great place to start for archers who want to shoot outdoor distances. We will shoot at 80 cm 10 ring target faces. Archers shoot 6 ends of 5 arrows each for a total of 30 arrows. Scoring on the 80 cm target is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Xs score 10, but are counted as a tiebreaker. 
Scoring System: We will be using the same handicap system as the fall league. Scoring begins by using the first 3 scores to create a handicap. Starting with the third score, archers scores are added to their handicaps and then weekly points are assigned. I will use the number of archers in league as the highest point value. That means even if you have a rough week, you will earn points by coming out and shooting. The handicap system allows novice and experienced archers to compete against each other and allows all bows types to join the fun. Each week after the third, handicaps will be recalculated if needed. Archers who improve will have their handicaps reduced. However, handicaps can never get bigger than the first set handicap. (It can be a bit complicated but I am happy to explain further or show you the spreadsheet I used for fall.)
Keeping Up to Date: Each Monday I will email all league members with the results of the week and attach the spreadsheet for everyone to see.
Final Winners: We will have awards at the end of league. (Possible fun potluck dinner, depends on pandemic situation at the time.)