Fall Semester 2020


*Class sizes are smaller.
*All archers who do not reside together will be spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart.
*All equipment including target faces will be sanitized prior to and after all classes.
*Archers may be required to wear a mask during certain times of class when a coach needs to be closer than 6 feet for safety or training purposes.
*Coaches will not stand closer than 6 feet without your consent.
*Coaches will be trained to conduct class with social distancing practices.
*All equipment will be set outside for classes.
*Classes will be conducted 100% outside.
*Only staff is allowed in the barn.
*Participants will be encouraged to make payments online.
*Hand sanitizer will be available for anyone to use.
*Water WILL NOT be available on site.
*Range may be closed without notice if health conditions warrant. Anyone with a class scheduled will be notified ASAP and credit will be given for future classes.
*If Central Texas Archery receives information that a person has been on site and has tested positive for Covid-19, all persons with whom possible contact will be notified ASAP. A general notice will also be posted.
*Any person who currently has Covid-19, is awaiting Covid-19 test results, has a fever, or resides with a person who is positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed on site. Credit will be given for a future class for anyone who cancels prior to their class time for any reason.

*Members need to register online for open range time. Members may bring a maximum of 3 guests per open range visit. Guests cost $10 each per session.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@centraltexasarchery.org.