* There is online work that must be completed before you will be allowed to register for these courses.
*If you take Level 1 now and plan to take Level 2 later, you will be required to retake the Level 1 portion again.
*The fee listed here is only for the practical portion. You will be invoiced by USA Archery when you register for the practical portion with us.
*Class will be held outside. Dress for weather. (Shelter available in case of rain. Severe weather may cause course to be rescheduled.)
*Bring water and food. There will be a short lunch break for Level 2 instructors but you should bring your lunch as there isn’t time to go off-site.

Level 1 Course – $50

Level 1 Instructor training is open to all USA Archery and NFAA members aged 15 and older. It is the ideal qualification for camp counselors, youth programs, and other recreational archery programs. Experienced archers can also see benefits with their own shooting from learning more about the mechanics and applications of the National Training System.You will learn how to teach the basics of archery to beginners, how to create a safe shooting environment, and how to run an archery program.


Level 2 Course – $90

Level 2 Instructor training is open to all USA Archery and NFAA members aged 18 and older. This class builds on the basics of Level 1 training and enhances your knowledge of instruction techniques and equipment management. This course will prepare you to instruct new and intermediate archers utilizing the National Training System. You will also be able to teach your own Level 1 course. Students must attend both the Level 1 and Level 2 sessions.

Upcoming Class Dates

Upcoming Classes

June 18th: 10am – 2pm – Level 1 Instructor Class


If you are interested in more information about instructor certification, please email us at info@centraltexasarchery.org.