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Welcome to Central Texas Archery where Archery is for everyone!

Bringing archery to Austin and the surrounding communities


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Parking Information

Follow the driveway to our new parking area.

Hours of operation for the month of February

Mondays: By Appointment*

Tuesday: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Wednesday: By Appointment*

Thursday: 11:00 am-5:30 pm

Friday: By Appointment*

Saturday: 8am-5:30 pm

Sunday: 8 am-5:30 pm

Jan 1-Jan 3 - No classes *Closed for the Holiday*

*Appointments for open range time can be made by calling (512) 431-3318 OR emailing INFO@CENTRALTEXASARCHERY.ORG

Classes have BEGUN!

First time classes are being held all month long. Find the perfect time to come give archery a try!

Classes are available for current archers as well.

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Approaching the GOAL

Thank you to our supporters who have donated!

CTA has raised over $12,000!

We also recently received a vital letter from the IRS confirming our non-profit status. We have now begun writing grants for equipment and for costs associated with building our indoor range. Every donation that you give can be used to show matching funds which will greatly increase our chances of receiving grants!

Your donation to Central Texas Archery will be 100% used to purchase bows, targets, and other essentials of shooting AND is tax deductible! We can accept donations via cash, check, or by credit card with Paypal. We will be updating our website and Facebook pages to show the progress we are making. Contact Kat at (512) 689-4103 or by email at kat@centraltexasarchery.org to make a donation.

Range Address: 5400 E Howard Lane Manor, Texas 78653

Type Central Texas Archery as the address in your GPS for the most accurate map.

The range is located on Howard Lane 4.5 miles east of IH 35.

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