Youth JOAD Archery Achievement Program

JOAD, or Junior Olympic Archery Development, is a nationwide program where certified coaches (Us!) provide instruction for youth archers to help them progress in the sport at their own pace.  You’ll learn important skills, play exciting games and earn awards for developing fundamental skills and scoring achievements. You will also get event preparation for all archery disciplines and we have equipment you can use, before investing in your own!  

Each year at JOAD National Target Championships, youth archers from across the country gather to compete for medals and college scholarships.  Scholarships are offered to top finishing male and female archers in varying recurve, compound and barebow (recurve) divisions.  

JOAD Star Pins are awarded for scoring achievements for shooting outdoor with recurve and/or compound bows.  In addition to the Star Pins (seen above, left), archers can earn the official “6-Gold” pin when they shoot six 10’s in a row…either in a single 6-arrow end or in two consecutive 3-arrow ends.  Star Pins are displayed on a lanyard, that can easily be attached to your quiver!

JOAD Archers can also earn advanced levels of recognition with the Olympian Award levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold (seen above, right).  An archer reaching these levels is honored with special recognition from USA Archery. 

Requirements to Participate: 

  1.  An all access USA Archery Youth Membership ($45.00), Adult Membership ($65.00 per year or $160.00 for 3 years), or Family Membership ($130.00 per year or $320.00 for 3 years) is required.  You can register here:
  2. Sign up as a member of our club: Central Texas Archery of Austin!
  3. You must attend a weekly JOAD class at the range.  Cost is $18 per class and includes the cost of 1 lanyard and the Star Pins (1 each, including 8 Star Pins, 6-Gold and a Bronze, Silver & Gold).