Central Texas Archery is proud to be partnered with Austin Independent School District to bring archery to more students!


McCallum High School



Lamar Middle School



Highland Park Elementary School


If your archer participates in NASP through another program, they may still take NASP classes at CTA but must participate in NASP practices and competitions with their school NASP team.


NASP Parents:

Think if Central Texas Archery as another tool in the NASP arsenal. Here is how we partner with Coach Deline:

*1-2 team practices per month at Central Texas Archery.

*2 optional tournaments at Central Texas Archery

*Archer membership to Central Texas Archery which includes a session of individual practice time for your archer each week.

*Additional optional classes specifically for NASP archers at Central Texas Archery. (additional fee)

*All benefits of membership to Central Texas Archery: swag, invitation to all member events, team, programs; discounts on classes and events at CTA

*CTA Coaches will be assisting at on-site practices for all campuses.



NASP Calendar


NASP Classes (Optional)

These are 1 hour classes taught at Central Texas Archery by NASP & USA Archery certified coaches. Class size is limited to 6 archers per class. This is an option for archers who are wanting more time with their bow and are ready for more individual instruction. The fees from these classes help support paying CTA coaches to attend all NASP school practices and for CTA to host weekend team practices here.


$60 for 4 classes

$25 per class individually


Class Schedule (through Oct 31):

Thursdays @ 6:30 PM

Sundays @ 12:45 PM

Sundays @ 5:30 PM