😃   Range Etiquette   😃

We love how respectful our archers are to one another. However, new archers may not know proper etiquette. As such, we are publishing our etiquette rules so that everyone knows what to expect when at CTA.

  1. Safety first always.  Adhere to USAA Range Safety Guidelines.
  2. Smoking (including e-cigarettes) and consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited on our property.
  3. Always be kind, courteous and respectful to each other. 
  4. When on the shooting line, keep your bow held upright.  Do not interfere with nearby archers when loading or drawing your bow.
  5. A loaded bow should only be pointed down range. 
  6. Do not pull an arrow from your quiver, do not load your bow, and do not shoot an arrow unless you are straddling the shooting line. 
  7. No skydrawing!  No ground-drawing!  And no dry-firing bows!  (May result in immediate expulsion.)
  8. Be aware of others around you.  If most archers have finished shooting, offer to let them pull their arrows and you can finish shooting your arrows in the next end.
  9. When on the shooting line, keep talking to a minimum.  Conversations can happen off of the shooting line. 
  10. Never nock, draw, or release an arrow when someone is downrange. 
  11. Be careful of others’ equipment, watch where you walk, be careful when removing your bow from the bow-rack and never touch another archer’s equipment without permission. 
  12. If you cannot find your arrow(s) within a reasonable time, please return to the waiting area so as not to hold up other archers. 
  13. When you are finished shooting an end, step back from the line so others know when shooting is finished.

  If you do not understand any of these guidelines, please ask a Staff Member for clarification. If you have to be asked more than once in a visit to adhere to these rules, you will be asked to leave the range for the day.