It’s HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Welcome to August in Central Texas. Despite this scorching weather, Covid, delayed building development, and a few other road bumps, we are so excited to say we have completed 2 years of bringing archery to Central Texas. We could not be more excited that you have joined this journey with us! With unsafe afternoon high temps and the craziness that is the back to school time this year, we are shutting down the range until August 29th. During this time we will be making repairs and tending to upkeep of the equipment and setting up exciting programs for the fall semester. Keep reading to see what we have to offer you starting just in time for pumpkin spice season!

Fall Semester Begins August 29th!

Semester bundle pricing is available for a limited time. It is the BEST CLASS PRICE ALL SEMESTER! Once classes start, bundle pricing will no longer be available. Click HERE to view bundle prices.


JOAD Class: Saturdays – 8:30-10:00

Traditional Archery Class: Wednesdays – 6:15 – 7:15*

Recreational Classes:
Thursdays – 9:15-10:15
Thursdays – 6:15-7:15*
Saturdays – 10:15-11:15
Sundays – 4:30-5:30
Sundays – 5:45-6:45*

*These classes run until the time change November 1st.

To register for classes, CLICK HERE!

***NEW CLASS OFFERING***    Para-Athlete Archery Classes

Archery is one of the most inclusive sports in the world. There are very few physical challenges that cannot be accommodated to make archery accessible to you. If you want to learn archery, let us help make it possible for you! CLICK HERE for more information.

Socially Responsible Youth Sports Team
Many kids are missing out on the social aspect of their youth.
Our JOAD program will engage your kids in sports, allow them a chance to interact with peers, and be safe!
To find out more about how this program will benefit you, CLICK HERE.

Membership Makes $ense

Archery at our range is one of the safest activities you can participate in outside of your home with proper precautions. It ranks at a Level 2 “Low Risk” factor according to the Texas Medical Association. We have the range set up to allow 6 foot social distancing at all times and are an outdoor space. We keep all equipment sanitized, have hand sanitizer available for everyone and staff always wear a mask when interacting with customers. With our online open range reservation system, your sanitized equipment is set up for you at the shooting line when you arrive. You can come out and shoot and feel safe the entire time. An annual membership only costs $75 and you can get out of the house, get your vitamin D, and have some fun once a week for a YEAR! CLICK HERE to start your membership. (All new memberships will be effective August 29th since the range is unavailable until then.)

Members also have access to Member Only Events, Archery League Night, Annual Member Meeting and Banquet, Central Texas Archery swag, and MORE!

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