Hello Members,

The number one thing we want you to know is how very grateful we are that you are our members! We could never have guessed what an amazing community we could have grown in our first two years! On top of that, you all have stuck with us through TWO SUMMERS with out A/C! We do want to say that we are excited to be working with a new property development manager and he is making things happen! Fingers crossed that next summer things will look significantly different at the range.

This year threw us several significant curve balls, the most challenging has of course been the current pandemic. We moved through the early stages with caution and more than a little trepidation. However, keeping up with what the scientists have been learning about this illness, we believe that we can safely move forward this fall with classes and open range. When you come out and shoot with us, know that we will continue to keep the range as safe as possible. Social distance will be maintained, equipment will be sanitized, and needless to say, everyone will be outside. We know there are limited opportunities to be out in the community safely, so we are extremely pleased to be able to continue to make archery available.
Just as it has done to so many businesses and individuals, this pandemic has put a financial strain on our budding non-profit. Many of you have donated extra and we are thankful beyond words for your support! If you have the ability to donate, your contribution helps us keep the range open and 100% of the money goes to keeping our metaphorical lights on. Full disclosure that the founders (Eric, Jessica, and Kat) have never taken money from CTA, our time has always been 100% donated to growing the range to a place of self-sustainability. Donations can be made through Paypal at paypal.me/centraltexasarchery.

If donating isn’t possible, you can help CTA AND your friends by recommending new people to Central Texas Archery. New business is almost completely done through word of mouth and recommendations. Share us on Facebook or Instragram. Write a review for us on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. And remember, if your friends come out and love archery as much as you, you will have a new way to interact with them in a safe community environment!

Short note on the website: Technology is a wonderful tool that we are lucky to have. It can also be a serious pain sometimes. We are working through the member log in issue right now. We apologize to those of you who have been frustrated trying to log in but are unable to do so. For now, there is NO LOGIN REQUIRED as a member. When we get this part of the system running properly, we will send out an email with instructions for you all. I wish we could take the log in option off the website but it is also how we log in as administrators. Chris, (Kat and Eric’s son) is our tech person and is working on a solution. Thank you all for your patience as we continue to work to improve our virtual presence!

LEAGUE: Beginning September 1st, there will be a Fall Members Only League. Registration and scoring details to be announced soon.

ANNUAL MEMBER VOTING: This year’s annual member survey will be done online so that everyone can participate. Watch your emails for ballots by the end of the month.
ANNUAL BANQUET: We are working on a special “Socially Distanced” member event. More details to come soon!
NEW TOURNAMENT SERIES: Central Texas Archery Covid Classic is a set of three indoor distance archery tournaments this fall. Members will get priority registration because spaced will be limited for archer safety. Save these dates: September 27, October 31, November 21. More details and registration announced soon.

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